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Common Lethal Mistakes by Diabetic Patients

Common mistakes by the diabetic patients which may be lethal include
1. Eating too much carbs
2. Artificial sweetener
3. Poor life style and depending on only medicine for suagr level management
These are very common mistakes. Eating wheat, refined wheat and bakery products without proper protein and fiber results is sharp rise in sugar level
A vast majority of Pakistani population is suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, cholesterol and digestion diseases, lake of exercise, fragment use of bakery items, starch and white wheat flour at domestic level are among the major reasons. On the basis of latest research VIRSA has introduced a multigrain flour as a solution. VIRSA Multigrain Flour provides natural proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, herbs and other most required nutritional and medicinal ingredients from natural vegetative source of nine ingredients, e.g. whole grains of Wheat, Millet, Oats, Quinoa, Moringa, Flaxseed, etc. Multigrain Flour is a blend of traditional wisdom and modern research that helps regulating digestive system. It is useful in prevention and cure of all metabolic disorders associated with gut. It is, therefore, recommended for the individuals who tend to or suffering from obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. This flour can be used as per routine like wheat flour being used.
Second is using artificial sweetener and diet soda. These are chemicals and may cause obesity, arthritis, cholesterol, heart problems. Stevia is an ideal choice. It is natural sweetener with 0 calories.
An ideal sugar management is healthy life style, walk, exercise, healthy food and using only minimum medicine.