Moringa for Life

How to use Moringa in Ramzan and boosting Immunity

Here are some easy and tasty ways of using moringa during Ramadhan and boosting immunity against Corona virus. Moringa oliefera is the most nutrient dense plant ever discovered. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and a large number of bioactive compounds (like flavonoids) which are very effective in fighting against many diseases. But it is always difficult how to use during ramadhan. In this video three simple ways are explained.
1. Moringa Sauce (Moringa chatni). Take a handful of fresh moringa leaves or 1 spoon of leaf powder grind with mint leaves, coriander leaves, onion, garlic, tomato, pepper, salt, yogurt (quantities vary according to taste). Grind to paste. Mix with yogurt or as such as dip sauce for iftaar dinner or pakora samosa etc.
2. Iftaar Moringa Energy Drink. Shake moringa and mint leaves (each 1 handful), add salt, pinch of black pepper powder, sugar or fruit of taste and enjoy a healthy iftaar drink.
3. Moringa powder+honey aand lemon. A very tasty sweet sauce.
4. Moringa green tea. You can use fresh or dried leaves.
Enjoy healthy way of moringa as food. It will also help boosting energy and immunity very much needed fighting against Corona Virus