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Moringa, quinoa and Multigrain Flour for Improving Immunity

In a live interview on ARY News Channel Dr Shahzad Basra explained how moringa, quinoa, chia are effective againsts corona. There is no vaccine, proper treatment for COVID19. Only solution is social distance and better immunity. To improve immunity superfoods help a lot. These superfoods are nutrient dense foods which are heavily loaded with minerals, vitamins, phyto-active compounds. The leading superfoods are moringa, quinoa, chia and amaranth. These are now available and being grown in Pakistan. Multigrain flour comprising wheat, barley, oat, millets, sorghum, chickpea, pulses, flaxseed, moringa and quinoa is another interesting introduction. So instead of eating white flour 3 times a day eating bread of multigrain flour improves health and immunity.