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Slot Ladder Canyon

You need a lot of water and some companions and off course no earth quack to pass through these miles long slots. The slots are so narrow that only one at a time can cross.
Ladder Canyon / Big Painted Canyon is located outside of the desert city of Mecca. The trailhead is at the end of a 4-mile long dirt road called Painted Canyon Road. You will want to take Highway 111 towards the Salton Sea, then head through the city of Mecca on 66th Avenue. 66th Avenue becomes Box Canyon Road, then shortly after the canal you will turn left on the dirt road called Painted Canyon Road. Most of the ladders felt secure when I was there but of course be careful and test the stability so that you do not get yourself into a bad situation. There are only a few ladders that you actually need to use to progress forward, many of the others you “could” scramble up the rocks but the ladders do make passage easier of course. The trail then bends into the canyon itself and you reach the most picturesque of the ladders. This is also one that you really need the ladder to get up and it is a fun way to start the trail.