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Vlog: Jahaz Banda, Kumrat, A Heaven on Earth

Jahaz banda, Kumrat valley is known as Pakistan’s Switzerland. In district Upper Dir, KPK, this valley is 5 h from Kalam. It was unexplored until PM Imran Khan visited 2 years back and highlighted it as new tourism spot. Almost 50 km valley is blessed with very high snow covered mountains, meadows, rivers, waterfalls, very dense pine jungles and trout. It is a glimpse of Heaven on earth. The most famous parts are Jahaz banda, a very big meadow, 1.5 h jeep track and then 2.5 h beautiful and tough track. Katora Lake is further 4 h tracking. The infrastructure is now improving. New roads are being constructed, Hotels, camping sight. Hopefully in coming years Kumrat valley will be a very popular tourist spot.