Super Food

Why multigrain is effective in diabetes, weight reduction and gas problem

Eating refined wheat flour 3-5 times is a common habit of majority of world’s population, particularly in Sub continent. This eating habit is one of the leading reason for obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, digestion issues and other diseases. Whole grain flour of at least 5-6 grains is an ideal solution. VIRSA agri farms and services under the supervision of scientists have developed a 9 grain and herbs flour which has revolutionized the eating habits and control of diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and digestion issues.This wonderful Multigrain Flour contains some super foods like moringa and quinoa as well. It has very low glycemic index which doesnt allow rise in sugar level in the body. Moreover, moringa, quinoa, barley and oat have bioactive compounds those directly effect the body metabolism positively and helps managing these diseases. Flaxseeds in the flour are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are very effective against bad cholesterol.