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How to change unhealthy birthday cakes into a healthy food

Cakes, sweet, drink along with with pasta and fries are common celebration food in birthday, anniversary, promotion etc parties. Such foods can be taken occasionally once in a while but in modern changed life style such celebrations are very common. Hardly any day without such parties/events and such food. When such food is taken in routine then it becomes very unhealthy. Since cakes and sweets are very rich in sugar, fat and starch so very high in calories. When cakes are taken in combination with drinks then it is a worst food. Such eating habits are among the reasons of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.
Strange celebrations where in the name of good wishes unhealthy food is presented. Can we change this bad eating habit into healthy eating habits. Yes. Cakes shape healthy foods like Fresh fruits, rice etc can be prepared. There is a dire need to create awareness to shift to healthy eating habits.