Moringa for Life

Moringa: benefits and adverse effects

Moringa is known as “A Miracle Tree”. It is also known as “Mother’s best friend”. It has enormous health benefits. One of the top food supplement used to overcome the nutrient and vitamins deficiency. Every part of this plant is useful. Moringa is not only a food but also used as food supplement and energy booster. seeds, pods, leaves, bark, roots, gum every part is used for human food, animal feed/fodder, cosmetic products and a large number of industrial uses. Moringa is famous for its over 300 disease curing properties. Moringa is mostly used to help management of diabetes, hypertension, joint pains, restlessness sleep, heart diseases and weakness. Although no side effects have been reported so far but in certain cases the use of moringa should be stopped or reduces like during piles, kidney diseases.