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Night tracking Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Pakistan

Night tracking was a dream. It was a fantasy and adventure. Due to summer heat it was my dream to get an experience of night tracking. Margalla was an automatic choice because of summer heat during day time. IHTC (Islamabad hiking and tracking club) posted many posts regarding night tracking. So i had a sudden plan and discussed with Faisal who immediately agreed and we 5 people from Faisalabad departed around 4.00 pm for Islamabad. 6 people joined from the capital. trail 5 was closed so we have to choose Trail 3. It was hot and humid when we started track around 9.15 pm. Only 1 guy with torch while rest had mobile lights. in 3 hours we reached Minal. No problem at all due to darkness. Enjoyed. About 2 h we came down. Wild animals used to interact during night track but we remained lucky. Coming down was rather tough for our feet and knees. Tired and reached back in parking at 3.00. A wonderful experience. Always try in group, torch, water, food is must. Must try.