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No need of lock down and panic for Corona-virus

Creating fear and panic against Corona virus has negative impact on the patient, family and society. Fear drastically lowers the immunity system of the patient and reduces his ability to fight against any disease. COVID-19 is not as lethal as many other diseases but a huge panic world over. Partial lock down in third world countries is destroying the economy of the country. People are facing starvation, lack of earning, shortage of jobs and supply in the market. Preventive measures should be taken to reduce its spread but lock down of factories and markets is not needed at all. People should follow adoptive measures at work and avoid un necessary interaction. What is needed. Three main things to fight against corona virus and any disease.
1. Cleanliness. Personal hygiene, domestic and surrounding. It reduces spread of pathogens
2. Immunity system. This is key to fight against viruses in particular and in general against any disease. Exercise, healthy food (rich in Vit A, B, C , E and K), use of herbs (like moringa, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, honey, garlic as tea or in food)
3. High moral, happy, mentally strong. Very important to boost immune system and happy hormonal level.