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Very beautiful new waterfall and lake explored

Neela Wahan is a small village on Khushad Road, district Chakwal, 30 minutes drive from Kallar Kahar. Small water falls and lakes are very attractive for tourists. I have been so many times to this beautiful place but never reached to the most prominent lake visible from top. On Sunday 15 March, 2020 I decided to explore that lake alonwith a group of friends. The weather was nice, and we reached about 2.00 pm to the main lake area where I had visited so many times. We kept moving left side of that area and passed the FAMILY POINT. From this beautiful spot there is almost 200 m walk into jungle, big ficus tree and then on left side the point where 3 lakes and big 50-60 m high rock where divers drive a small but very attractive lake. But we passed that point and kept moving through the jungle. Very difficult passage, shrubs, stones, spines, but we kept moving. Then we were first speechless then started shouting because there was an unbelieveable scene of hundreds of ficus trees, aerial roots entering the soil and developed into new stems. Amazing beauty. After a few minutes we started moving towards the sound of waterfall. A very tough passage and slippery rocks then we saw what my eyes never witnessed. A wonderful waterfall and transparent blue lake. Ultimately we explored that lake which was my dream and result was not less than a dream. Wanna visit again. I name it Blue lake water fall.