Moringa for Life

Very Delicious Moringa Recipes by Dr. Shahzad Basra

Moringa oliefera is one the best nutrient dense plant ever discovered. It is getting popularity as a wonderful dietary supplement. There are many ways to use, however majority of the people dont like its taste. Some of the traditional dishes of moringa are very tasty but they loose its nutritional value. Here I am presenting some very simple recipes in which nutritional and medicinal values are not lost.
1. Fresh Moringa leaves (or dried leaf powder)
2. Fresh Mint Leaves
3. Coriander leaves
4. Green Chili
5. Lemon
6. Honey
7. Salt
Wash the leaves and grind to a fine paste with mortal and pistle. In half paste add yogurt and salt. A very delicious Moringa Mint Sause is ready to use as dip, with rice
In other half paste add lemon juice and honey. A very delicious moringa lemon honey sauce is ready.