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Weight loss: Diet and fitness plan by Dr. Shahzad Basra

If you want permanent and safe weight loss plan then follow these 10 points
(no need of crash dieting, keto food, fiber dieting, aggressive gym)
1. reduce carbs, 2. Avoid bakery products and all types of drinks (say no to mithai, cakes, biscuits, bread, pasta, pizza, drinks, fries) 3. Avoid while wheat flour, use multigrain flour 4. Walk 40 minutes minimum (10,000 steps) 5. Grow your own salad or use fresh 6. Green tea preferably moringa tea 7. Chia 2 teaspoon per day 8. use boiled quinoa mixed with salads as meal once a day 9. Moringa powder start 1/4 teaspoon and then gradually increase to 3-4 spoons 10. Reduce long hour sitting. After every hour try to go outside, upstairs, 10 minutes movement. No need to crash diet plan, keto diet, fiber diet or extra gym. IA gradually you will start losing weight. This is all change in life style, ultimate solution. You will start enjoying healthy life style, instead of taking a plan as a medicine or course, which might be effective but after some time you will gain again and disappointed.