Yoga Challenge Flow 10 minutes by Shahzad Basra

Yoga challenge flow for just 10-25 minutes for 30 days. If you can follow this regularly your body will become perfectly flexible and shaped. Yoga in flow is a recently getting popular term. The basic requirement is that you have already minimum required yoga flexibility. This challenge is not for the beginners or those people who haven’t done yoga for quite a while. Follow it regularly you body will response and within 30 days your tummy will be flat, body will be shaped and body will be amazingly flexible. Keep in mind the challenge is accepted by a human and human body must be treated very carefully. Never try overdoing. Start with warm up and then start gradually according to your body flexibility. This flow includes very famous yoga postures like cobra, bird, cycle, plow, downward facing dog, upward facing dog, bridge, forward bend and many more.